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Breath Taking Originals by Deborah Thomas
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If heaven opened up and the stars shinning like jewels,
cascaded down upon us like rain,
I'd gather all the jeweled raindrops,
splash them upon my face just to capture the scent of
your Innocence

When in a sorrowed state of mind
nothing can be done, no words can be said,
and apologies can not touch you. The loss of
a new life is one of the most sentimental heart
felt loss any individual can endure onto them
self. Let me guide you to the way of precious
memories that will never be forgotten untill the
day you meet again.


My imagination, my gift to you, to
cherish forever. No matter how inadequate or
unqualified you may feel Deborah and
"Gianni's Gems" ©
Promise to strengthen and enable you with a
future and hope to your most beloved child.








We Shall find peace. We shall hear the angels,
we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.


Are child was so special that heaven kept them as angels.
They were to pure for this world we live in.
We will always treasure the memory of our angel
Who was in our midst
Only for a little while.






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